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Beel Settlement Procedure

Beel Settlement Procedure: Who can Tender for Beel Settlement

  1. Individual Actual Schedule Caste Fishermen within the respective District.
  2. Fishermen Co-operative Society/SHG/NGO with 100% Schedule Caste Fishermen by Profession of respective district.
  3. Individual Maimul Community fishermen (Barak Valley Region).
  4. Fishermen Co-operative Society /SHG/NGO with 100% Maimul community Fishermen (Barak Valley Region).
  5. Progressive Fish Farmers of S.C. Community.

Documents required to Tender for Beel Settlement: For Individual

  1. Attested Passport Photographs
  2. Bakijai Clearance Certificate
  3. Caste Certificate
  4. Fishermen Experience Certificate by Competent Authority
  5. Security Deposit (25% of minimum lease value fixed by the Corporation)
  6. Affidavit (Rs. 15 Non-Judicial Stamp Paper)

Besides the above points, following documents are required for Fishermen Co-operative Society/SHG/NGO:

  1. Registration Certificate of the Society/SHG/NGO
  2. Bakijai Clearance Certificate of the society/SHG/NGO
  3. General Meeting Resolution for participation in Tender