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Government Of Assam Fishery Assam Fisheries Development Corporation Ltd

Our History

  • The Assam Fisheries Development Corporation Ltd. was initially incorporated with two nos. of beel fisheries viz. Tamranga and Dhir beel in 1977 and subsequently the Government of Assam has transferred more Beel Fisheries to AFDC Ltd. observing upon the satisfactory performance of the Corporation. At present, there are 185 nos. of Beel Fisheries with total area of 12016.48 Ha and total productive water area of 9365.00 Ha under the management and administrative control of AFDC Ltd. The Corporation has near about 20,000 registered S.C Fisherman and near about 2000 registered S.C Fish traders.

    The Corporation was established with its authorized share capital money of Rs. 50.00 lakhs paid by the Government to the Corporation as a piece meal manner. As a result of which the Corporation could not taken up any major development Schemes due to lack of funds. But as the Corporation progress, with the help of financial assistance under various central & state sponsored schemes like NEC, WFP, S.C. Plan, ASTEC, DRDA, RIDF, CIFRI & NFDB etc. started to develop the beel fisheries to enhance and achieved the target of fish production in different beels. The fish production of the beels has increased significantly with these development works as well as the Socio-economic conditions of the actual S.C and Maimul fishermen communities was improved considerably. At present the average production of fish in the beel fisheries is 511.00 kg/ha/yr.